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When flu symptoms appear on the part of the respiratory system. By the end of the first day (i.e., already against the background of bright general infectious intoxication symptoms), a dry cough appears with an increase in intensity. Cough is characterized by persistence, painful flow with soreness and pain behind the sternum of varying intensity. Over the course of diflucan pills, the cough changes from dry to wet, sputum begins to come off, and viral-bacterial pneumonia may form. Objectively, attention is drawn to redness of the face and neck, injection of scleral vessels (redness of the whites of the eyes), shiny cornea of the eyes, increased sweating. When the patient's condition should cause serious concern.

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In young children with influenza, symptoms of general infectious intoxication quickly increase. lethargy, refusal to buy fluconazole online, nausea and vomiting at the peak of fever, general weakness, sleep disturbances. п�їп�їп�ї For older children, a tendency to dizziness and the development of fainting is characteristic. Among children, the phenomenon of meningism is quite common - symptoms of meningitis without inflammation of the meninges. In children with influenza, centralization of blood circulation and impaired peripheral blood flow (vasospasm) can occur - tachycardia, arterial hypertension, and pallor of the skin are observed.

Unlike influenza in adults, catarrhal symptoms (cough) are delayed by 1-2 days and manifest themselves more poorly, laryngitis (hoarseness of voice) often develops, in general, complications in children develop more often. The mucosal lining of the upper respiratory tract serves as an entryway for pathogenic pathogens. The leading links in the development of the disease are the epitheliotropic and toxic properties of the influenza virus, allergization of the immune system, and immunosuppressive effects.

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The primary reproduction of the pathogen occurs in the cells of the ciliated epithelium of the airways (goblet cells of the trachea). There is damage to the metabolism and integrity of the cell membrane, followed by death and the introduction of viral particles into the systemic circulation. Meanwhile, at the site of inflammation, there is an increase in metabolic agents of inflammation, activation of innate immunity. hyperthermia (overheating) as a response to inflammation, increased production of interferon, etc.

The massive intake of viral particles, decay products of cellular structures and inflammatory mediators into the blood causes massive toxic-allergic processes, naturally accompanied by damage to the endothelium of blood vessels and microcirculation disorders. There is a growing lack of oxygen in the blood and tissues (hypoxemia and hypoxia), hemorrhagic imbalance of varying severity develops.

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With decompensation of the functional mechanisms of adaptation, the progress of cerebral edema, acute cardiovascular and renal insufficiency, DIC-syndrome are revealed. Due to the inhibition of immunological reactivity and hematopoiesis, the stratification of the secondary bacterial flora naturally occurs, complications and pneumonia develop. Classification and stages of development of influenza.

The algorithm for determining the severity of influenza is given in the table.

Specific influenza-hemorrhagic pneumonia (acute hemorrhagic pulmonary edema, accompanied by symptoms of respiratory failure of the maximum degree). Pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs). May be suspected in case of fever for more than 5 days, absence of positive dynamics, cough with mucopurulent and bloody sputum, moist rales and crepitus when listening, the appearance of neutrophilic leukocytosis, an increase in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). What is dangerous flu during pregnancy.

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